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Ukrainian women and local small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are key pillars of Ukraine’s resilience.


Women are being called to step into previously uncharted leadership roles, while businesses need to embrace their potential to drive positive change in their communities beyond survival and keeping jobs.


Impact Force is Ukrainian NGO, founded by women and focused on sustainable positive impact. Impact Force undertakes scalable projects that empower Ukrainian women and foster social entrepreneurship.


The "Dream & Achieve" program, developed in collaboration with UN Women and the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, equips Ukrainian women with essential digital skills and provides capital grants to facilitate the launch of their online businesses.


Meanwhile, "Impact Business Accelerator," empowers Ukrainian SMEs to integrate socially responsible practices into their operations, such as creating employment opportunities for vulnerable groups and revitalizing communities.

Our contributions will enable Impact Force to empower more women and social businesses through their programs and capital grants, fueling their growth.


By supporting this cause, we play a vital role in improving Ukraine's economic and social well-being, paving the way for a resilient and prosperous future for all.

Natalia Dresvyannikova, the Founder of Vilna Nytka is a participant in the Impact Business Accelerator. Vilna Nitka is a social enterprise working with women who have experienced violence or conflict-related trauma. They produce embroidered clothing, providing training and employment opportunities to women facing challenging life circumstances, all while instilling confidence in their capabilities.

Natalia Dresvyannikova
Founder of Vilna Nytka

“Our mission is clear and profound: to educate and employ women from vulnerable segments, and to perpetuate the tradition of wearing embroidered attire rich in symbolic significance. Every garment is not just a display of intricate craftsmanship but tells two stories - the history of the ornament and the story of the resilient woman who embroidered it."

Natalia Dresvyannikova - Vilna Nytka_edited_edited.jpg
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