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Below, you'll find our suggested donation tiers. Upon clicking "donate," you'll be directed to the payment page of WE AID gGmbH, our trusted partner organization managing the payment infrastructure.


Our commitment: 100% of your donations will go to Ukrainian charitable organizations.  

Our organizers and partner organizations shoulder all incidental operational costs associated with the fundraiser. Your generosity fuels our efforts to make a meaningful impact.

Every contribution counts!

€1 - €499


Unless you specify otherwise, your donation will be split evenly between Impact Force and UNBROKEN.


The amount is up to you; every contribution is deeply valued and will play a significant role in supporting our cause. 

Available to individuals only.


€500 and up


Donate €500 or team up with friends to make a collective contribution. You'll receive a special shout-out during the event and on our website (if desired). And no worries, you won't have to shake hands with everyone.

if you would like to be publicly listed as co-host, please send us your donation receipt 


€2500 and up


Want to make a significant impact? Become a Champion by making a minimum donation of €2,500!

Please contact the BER4UA team to discuss your involvement.

Available to both individuals and organizations.


Donation FAQ:


All donations will be processed through WEAID gGmbH, a German non-profit organisation that assists charities outside Germany in carrying out their charitable activities, with no commission.


In case of bank transfers, please indicate the name "BER4UA" in the reference and use below account details:


IBAN: DE52 3702 0500 0001 8388 01


Bank für Sozialwirtschaft

If you wish your donation to go entirely to one cause, please also indicate it in the reference (Impact Force or Unbroken). Otherwise, it will be split evenly between the two.

Donations over €300,01 may be tax deductible (within the meaning of §10b of the Income Tax Act or assets specified in §5 Abstract 1 Nr. 9 of the Corporation Tax Act), and you will receive the necessary documentation from WeAid.

Tax credit for donations up to €300,00 can be claimed by providing the transaction voucher together with our simplified donation receipt to your tax office.

Due to the large number of donations, WeAid sends donation receipts every three months. Donation receipts can be requested by email to For this, please include in your email the following information: Name & address of the donor, donation amount, and donation date.

Donations from abroad do not receive a legally valid donation receipt from WeAid. However, WeAid can create informal confirmations of receipt in these cases.

If you encounter any payment problems, please don't hesitate to contact us via email or by using the contact form provided on this website. 

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