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Our events provide a unique opportunity to connect face-to-face, meet representatives of the organizations we support, and exchange ideas. Through these gatherings, we not only strengthen our community ties but also reignite our passion for making a positive difference.

One of the highlights of our in-person events is the chance to meet representatives from the organizations we are supporting. These dedicated individuals bring firsthand insights, stories, and updates, enriching our understanding of the situation on-the-ground.

By joining our fundraiser, you're not only offering vital support but also sending a powerful message of unity and compassion. Together, let's demonstrate our unwavering commitment to standing with Ukraine and its people.

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In 2024, we will come together to honor the resilience of the Ukrainian people amidst the ongoing invasion.


This event will pay tribute to Ukrainian contemporary culture through a charity auction showcasing the works of esteemed Ukrainian artists and emerging talents.

From exclusive fashion design to evocative drawings to captivating paintings, the creations featured offer poignant reflections of Ukraine's socio-political evolution and enduring spirit amidst conflict.

Join us as we come together to support and celebrate Ukraine's cultural legacy while contributing to humanitarian efforts  on the ground in Ukraine. 



In May 2022, just nine weeks after Russia's full-scale invasion began, we came together in Berlin to show our solidarity with Ukraine. 

More than 150 Berliners showed up to support the "Territory of Life" Foundation and the Hospital in Irpin. 

Participants heard the insightful analysis of Ivan Krastev and the were deeply moved by the personal narratives shared by three Ukrainian women who had recently sought refuge in Berlin

Together, we raisied an impressive 45 thousand euros in one night.

This inaugural gathering not only made a significant impact but also paved the way for smaller "spin-off" events throughout the year, demonstrating the enduring spirit of support and compassion within our community.


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