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MAY 2022

BER4UA is a grassroots organization that stems from the desire to help individuals who have been affected by the war. In May 2022, just nine weeks after Russia's full-scale invasion began, we came together in Berlin to show our solidarity with Ukraine. This event serves as a testament to the incredible potential when people come together to support each other and a common cause. We aim to continue that spirit through our fundraising efforts.


Our very first event gathering featured remarkable speakers and inspiring stories that deeply touched us all.


Ivan Krastev, Chair of the Centre for Liberal Strategies and a permanent fellow at the Institute for Human Sciences, delivered a thought-provoking analysis of the war's early days, leaving the audience with valuable insights.


We also had the privilege of meeting three courageous Ukrainian women who generously shared their personal experiences of seeking refuge in Berlin. Their stories (which you can read here) reinforced our commitment to supporting those affected by the conflict.

The inagurual BER4UA Fundraiser was an event to remember. With close to 150 attendees, the evening was a huge success, raising an over 40 thousand euros in one night and continuing to collect donations in the weeks after.


But the evening was about more than just fundraising. It was an opportunity to build new friendships, to discover new avenues for helping Ukrainine, and to make a real impact in people's lives. 


Co-Hosts 2022

Helmut Adam

Atlantische Initiative e.V.

Amb. ret. Dr. Norbert Baas

Andreas Bader-Wölfle

Tyson Barker

Norma Barker

Ansgar Baums

Guido Brinkel

BRLO Brwhouse

Alexis Below

Constance Chucholowski

Cathryn Clüver Ashbrook

Sudha David-Wilp

Prof. James Davis

Henner Ehringhaus

Amb. John B. Emerson

Daniel Hamilton

Amb. John Kornblum

Daniel Krutzinna 

Nathalie Marciano

Kimberly Marteau Emerson

Florian von Oppenheim

Christian and Melissa Schneider-Sickert

Jag and Julia Singh

Christian Sommer 

Benjamin Tallis

Travis Todd

Valdon Mesh GmbH

Judit Vásárhelyi – Kondor

Simon Vaut

Joseph Verbovszky

Michael Wieser

Martin Wiesmann

Łukasz Wiśniewski

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