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Berliners for Ukraine (BER4UA) is a grassroots initiative of Berliners who share a long-term vision for an independent and ultimately self-sufficient Ukraine.

We have created this platform to enable support for Ukrainian humanitarian causes with (tax-deductible) payments processed in Germany. No administrative fees, no overhead. 100% of donations are going to carefully selected on-the-ground organizations in Ukraine. 

Are you not a Berliner? No worries! We welcome participants from all over the world!

All donations are processed via WeAID Gmbh and are forwarded to Ukraine without commercially driven deductions. More information can be found on our donation page.

If you are ready to get more involved and join us a Co-Host, please reach out to discuss the details of your involvement.


We can't wait to hear from you!    

Co-Hosts 2024

Léonie Booth-Clibborn 

Ulrich Hörning 

Päivi Kotro-Brenner

Daniel Krutzinna 

Florian von Oppenheim

Norma Quinto

Melissa Schneider-Sickert 

Julia and Jag Singh

​Oliver Szabries
Travis Todd
Judit Vásárhelyi – Kondor

Simon Vaut

Ivan Vasylchenko

Joseph Verbovszky

Co-Hosts 2022

Helmut Adam

Atlantische Initiative e.V.

Amb. ret. Dr. Norbert Baas

Andreas Bader-Wölfle

Tyson Barker

Norma Barker

Ansgar Baums

Guido Brinkel

BRLO Brwhouse

Alexis Below

Constance Chucholowski

Cathryn Clüver Ashbrook

Sudha David-Wilp

Prof. James Davis

Henner Ehringhaus

Amb. John B. Emerson

Daniel Hamilton

Amb. John Kornblum

Daniel Krutzinna 

Nathalie Marciano

Kimberly Marteau Emerson

Florian von Oppenheim

Christian and Melissa Schneider-Sickert 

Jag and Julia Singh

Christian Sommer 

Benjamin Tallis

Travis Todd

Valdon Mesh GmbH

Judit Vásárhelyi – Kondor

Simon Vaut

Joseph Verbovszky

Michael Wieser

Martin Wiesmann

Łukasz Wiśniewski

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