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Art Auction

In addition to our evening program, we will provide the opportunity for guests to buy ten pieces of art by Ukrainian artists.


The artists participating in the auction come from different regions of Ukraine, from Mykolaiv to Kharkiv to Kyiv. They are current or former students of the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture in Kyiv. The majority of them still reside in Ukraine, one has fled to Vienna and another one has recently arrived to Berlin. 

25% of the proceeds will go to the artist, 75% to the Territory of Life Foundation -- by participating in this auction you can support both the individual artists and the Ukrainian territorial defense forces.


The auction will take place silently during the event but you also have the opportunity to submit bids online before the event. 

  • To place an absentee bid, please fill out the bidding form or send us an email with your name, contact details, the  title of the piece and your bid to Absentee bids can be submitted by 15:00 Berlin time on Monday May 2. 

  • During the evening of the event, guests may view the art in the art corner on the upper floor of BRLO Brewhouse. Bids will be submitted by paper. Bidding will close at 20:30 and the winners will be announced shortly thereafter. 


Following the auction, sale of the art will be conducted directly between the buyer and the artist, with a good faith commitment by the artist to donate at least 75% of the proceeds to the fundraiser.

Online Bidding Form

Please note that for addresses outside of Berlin, shipping costs will need to be covered by the successful bidder. 

Thanks for participating!

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